La Olla de Felix (restaurante en Buenos Aires)

La Olla de Felix is renowned for its friendly and intimate ambiance. Felix speaks Castellano, English, French and Italian and so the restaurant is a great favorite with locals and tourists alike. Guests can always count on a warm reception, quality service and fine food.

La Olla de Felix Menu

The menu at La Olla de Felix changes daily and reflects both my mood and the availability the highest quality local ingredients. I always cook and serve five to six dishes, always a vegetarian dish, fresh pasta, sometimes a starter and my favorite deserts.

My food flavors emanate from the cafes of Paris and the coastal villages of the Mediterranean where I trained and worked for many years until homesick and returning to wonderful Argentina. Of course, guests can expect to find some fine Argentine dishes on my menu, but not the staple Milanesa and Pizza.

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